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Recruitment Notice

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Seeking Business Partners:

Online certification training site operators or online companies in each country (one operator or one company exclusively per country).  Work at home as an electronic freelancer is possible.

*Country of Recruitment:

1. English-speaking countries: United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Nigeria, Australia, South Africa, etc.

2. Chinese speaking countries: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, etc.

3. Vietnam.


-          Should be native language & Korean language speakers (bilingual, preferably residents of Korea).

-          Ability to handle e-learning operations & successfully thrive in the global online market.

-          People seeking employment development opportunities and enhancement of progressive social culture through the distribution of recreation, leisure activities, and games in each country and fostering leadership.

*Required Documents:

- Fill out the application form: Provide phone number, self-introduction, vision for the future, address, native language and Korean language proficiency levels along with details regarding their work and educational history, including global marketing and e-learning accomplishments.

*Recruitment Procedure:

- There is no application deadline, but once application has been approved and accepted, no further applications will be accepted for that county

- Document Screening

- Telephone Interview

- In-person Interview

- Approval Announcement

*Payment Allocation and Benefits

- Allocation rate by mutual agreement

- Depending on each country’s economic level, educational expenses for each country will be determined by mutual agreement.

- After the required period of study, completion certificates and qualification certificates will be printed in each country.

*For submission and other inquiries:

WREA will provide server, completion certificates and qualification certificates for each country.



World Recreation Education Association (WREA)/World Recreation Education Center (WREC)