President Young Kee Lee Ph.D.

Healthy recreation activities heavily influence individuals, society and the culture of each country and become a major part of the countries’ leisure culture. First, recreation activities raise the quality of individual lives and are indispensable to enjoying a healthy and happy life. They contribute to physical education, fostering healthy personalities, emotional, psychological stability and improving sociability.

Second, they help to train the best professionals by having them apply the qualities of recreation leaders (speech, leadership, laughter and humor, active, positive and bright personality, improved interpersonal relations, social adaptability, enhanced confidence) in their studies or work in whatever area it may be.

Third, healthy and bright recreation activities bring harmony to the family, treats deviant game and leisure culture and social pathological symptoms to create a bright social culture. To reach such objectives in recreation, competent recreation leaders should be fostered foremost in order to spread a healthy and proper recreation culture worldwide.

As such, recreation activities play an important role and are central as qualities that modern people should indispensably have, becoming all the more important. However, organizations or associations actively working worldwide are almost nonexistent.

We will continue to research and develop programs based on the opinions of world scholars as debated at international congress for the development of recreation and our 25 years of experience training about hundreds of thousands of leaders in recreation, leisure and laughter treatment in order to spread to the world a healthier and more proper recreation culture.

Our association (WREA) respects and values the recreation activities spread widely in each country and their distinctive traditional games that have been handed down by ancestors. Sharing such activities between countries of the world would contribute to solving cultural conflicts, understanding each country’s culture, fostering friendships between countries and ultimately to world peace. In the future, we will work hard to foster competent leaders with the objective of spreading a healthy recreation culture in countries worldwide, collect information from each country, research and develop a web site where we can immediately peruse all the information. We will hold more international congress by inviting more world famous scholars and make efforts to share such information with people worldwide working in the field of recreation.

Our association (WREA) will continue to work hard for people to enjoy an improved quality of life, maintain health, and pursue happiness by making recreation popular and part of life and providing healthy recreation training. We ask for the support and encouragement of all the countries’ experts and scholars and hope for the health and happiness of people working in recreation. Thank you.

President Young Kee Lee’s profile

- Doctor of Science (Leisure & Recreation)
- He served as a leisure commissioner for the World Sports Health Society (ICHPER).
- Founder and Chief Professor of Korea University for High-level Program of Korean Wave and Leisure Industry
- Visiting Professor, Beijing Normal University, College of Sports and Leisure
- President, World Recreation Educational Center
- Founder / President of World Recreation Educational Association (WREA, branch in over 30 countries)
- Award of President of the U.S. Obama Prize